Accountability For George Floyd


On April 20, 2021, the US State of Minnesota jury delivered its verdict on the unjust stealing of Mr. George Floyd's life. Dereck Chauvin has been found guilty on all three counts and is now convicted of murder. 


While we recognize this lawful conviction will never deliver justice--the returning of George Floyd's life-- People Dem Collective joins Mr. Floyd's family and our global diasporic communities in celebrating the starting accountability this verdict delivers.


George Floyd's violently tragic death was nothing short of the continual manifestation of structural anti-black racism founded upon the legacy of white supremacy. People Dem Collective recognizes that until this structural legacy is addressed, Black and Brown people in our society will continue to be plagued with the unjust antagonistic harm that ended George Floyd's life. One year ago, People Dem Collective marched in global solidarity in the name of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the too many others who have had—and continue to have—their lives stolen by police brutality.


We join our global communities in the practice of healing by continuing to seek further accountability in the form of equitable access in education, healthcare, housing, economic prosperity, and safety-in-movement for Black and Brown peoples. It takes all of us, collectively: please ask yourself what work you are doing to help dismantle these structures of systemic racism. We’ve done the marches, we’ve read the books, now it’s time to see the change.


The Work Continues.